Survivor Island, Tonga

Lord of the Flies. Reckon You've Got What it Takes? Which of Your Mates is Really a Survivor? Give Them Nowhere to Run & Find Out. *F*cking plague may impact availability


Survivor Island, Tonga

Travel Dates

1st Aug 2019 - 1st Aug 2025


11 days

Prove your Dominance

Reckon you're hard corps? Reckon you could keep up with (or at least learn from) an ex Special Forces Soldier? Wanna show your mates how Alpha you really are or just figure it out for yourself? Climb on Board!

It’s not so much a matter of would you but more a question of could you? Your ship has gone down and there are only a few survivors who make it to a remote uninhabited island in the Pacific. You’re one of the lucky ones. With no water, no food, no shelter and no means of communication, you and the remaining survivors have to band together to find a way to make it on nothing but this small island's natural resources. This Shipwreck Simulation experience is the first of it's kind in the world with every minor detail carefully and thoroughly planned by an ex-Special Forces Soldier and Adventure Experts. It’s adventure travel on steroids! Expect a life changing journey into the human mind and spirit which will take you to your very limits. At it’s core, that’s what it’s really about. We know this experience is not for everyone and we make no apologies for that. But what we do know is that all who find themselves stranded on Survivor Island in this ‘once in a lifetime‘ experience will come away changed with a much deeper understanding of themselves, others, the environment and most of all the human instinct and it’s will to survive. So gather your courage, your mates and whoever else dares and see if you have what it takes to survive Survivor Island.

WARNING: This is not a TV Show and Jeff Probst will not come out and save you if you can't hack it. Someone else will.


  • Accommodation before and after your time on Survivor Island
  • All transfers
  • Experienced ex-Special Forces/Survival Expert with the group on Survivor Island at all times
  • Island preparation and clean up
  • 24 hour doctor on-call
  • 24 hour emergency boat transfer (if required)
  • 24 hour Satellite and Mobile communications
  • 24 hour Base support

Not Included:

  • International airfares (approx. $1,000 from Australia)
  • Travel insurance (Comprehensive Cover is mandatory)
  • Vaccinations
  • Health and Fitness assessment prior to trip
  • Beverages before and after the trip
  • Mates or a giant set of balls.

    Sold with authorisation and in-conjunction with Mates' Escapes

    Prices from


Per Person

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