Punt Club – Start a punters club & bet with your mates.

Start a Punters Club & bet with your mates

Punters Clubs are famous for turning betting into a social event that typically includes beer, banter, improved social skills (claimed, but not proven), and money saved for a group goal – usually the end of season trip or even a share in a horse.

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Beer, betting, banter. Mix. Repeat.

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Every office, every sporting club, every corner pub.

How it works

Chip in. Take turns to bet. Drink beer. Go places. Buy horses.

How it works
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Bet with your mates. Go places. Buy horses.

How much does it cost?

SFA. Nothing actually. Not a penny. Punt Club is free for our fellow lovers of a flutter, although we occasionally have tournaments where you pay an entry fee to compete for some seriously good prizes (and even if you're a complete muppet on the punt, you might still jag a quaddie and win the comp anyway).

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